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Sketch002v1 Sketch002v2 Sketch002v3

Short Description

Roulette curves (specifically Epitrochoid and Hypotrochoid curves) whose x and y coordinates have been scaled appropriately to fit the format.

Sketch Details

The different versions of the sketch were generated with the following general attributes:

Sketch Version Attribute Value
Sketch002v1-v3 Format A4
- Line width 0.2mm
Sketch002v4 Format A4
- Line width 0.1mm

Penplotter Output

Sketch002v1 Sketch002v2 Sketch002v3

Drawing Utensils

Sketch Version Type Value
Sketch002v1-v3 Paper Daler & Rowney, A4, bristol board
- Pen Staedtler, 0.1mm, fineliner
Sketch002v4 Paper Daler & Rowney, A4, bristol board
- Pen Staedtler, 0.05mm, fineliner


Take note that the line density in Sketch002v4 is high.

To get better results there should be more space between the lines or an even smaller fineliner should be used.